Was My Gmail Account Hacked ?

Was My Gmail Account Hacked ?
So, I got the email from who I don' know. Surely, I've operated this web site as yeswego.biz. Howvever, this email has been recieved to My Gmail Account, but not "xxx@yeswego.biz."

>My name is xxx. I understand that you hold a domain name analogous to yeswego(com)
>and was wondering if you would consider getting the yeswego(com)?
>Appreciate if you would let me know regardless.

Gmail Leak Checker

Gmail Leak Checker

How does he get My Gmail Account Hacked ? I've checked the following URL.

> Your Gmail account email address was NOT one of the ones that was in the 5 million publicly released. We strongly urge you to be cautious, and update your Gmail password.

> Your account probably is not in public access!However, we are strongly recommend to change your password periodically

These result are OK, so it makes me relieved. But I need to change my password soon. How often do you basically change password ? Please give me some advice if you know.
If you use "https://lastpass.com/gmail/" and "https://isleaked.com/results/en", you should use "***".  This may become the root cause when not use "***" but input your gmail address directly.  Please take care of them. (^^)



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